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Venus Enters Taurus: The Stable Lover

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Venus enters the sign of Taurus on March 16, 2023 until April 11, 2023. Venus is in its domicile when it is in Taurus and Libra, meaning that it is the ruler of those signs and as a byproduct, it shines quite favorably during these transits.

There is quite a shift happening as Venus moves from its previous Aries transit. Venus in Aries was much more passionate, spontaneous and fast-moving. Venus rules over popularity, how we attract and receive love, art and our finances. Venus is a feminine planet and nocturnal planet making it most beneficial for those of you born at night. Venus in Taurus is very sensual, security driven and slow-moving. With the shift into fixed Earth, we are looking at a much more focused transit. We are focused on the quality and practicality of our work in the world, searching for ways to make long-lasting impactful investments with ourselves. We attempt to become more grounded with our spending during this time. It is more common that you will even hold onto your money tighter than usual, as Taurus, even though it enjoys the finer things in life, can be quite frugal and will find ways to hold onto their money.

Taurus’ love for the sensual pleasures of life, causes us to lean into the negative tendency to over-indulge during this transit, especially with sex or food. During this transit, we enjoy spending more time in nature, dressing ourselves in fine fashion and re-decorating our homes. We have a stronger awareness of our spending and are more likely to find finer things in life on a budget during this time. As for romance, we tend to become possessive over our partners during this time. We are seeking long lasting relationships and our desire for security may lead us to holding on to people in a more restrictive way out of fear of being left. Despite being a shadow aspect of Venus in Taurus, this placement is beneficial for all of our relationships over the next few weeks and we will most dramatically see this shift in our love lives and our financial sectors. We will also become more inspired to surround ourselves with art. This is a time to hone in on your talents, focus on self-care, spend time in nature, enjoy the sensualities that life has to offer and focus on long-lasting investments.

Though this is the umbrella with which we are under with Venus in Taurus for the next few weeks, based on our chart we can go deeper and see what it has in store for us more specifically. Below, I will break down how this transit will effect you based on your RISING sign (using Whole Sign Calculations):


Venus is transiting your 2nd House which mostly affects your finances and your possessions. You will want to be putting your focus on making yourself feel more secure during this time. This includes in your relationships, you will be more drawn towards the people that help you feel more secure and will likely wean out those who make you feel inferior. There will be blessings in the sector of money for you, promotions, raises, overtime opportunities, or unexpected bonuses/gifts are all great possibilities during this period.. A downside of this transit is if you are already feeling scarcity within our finances, we alternatively can overspend in order to gain security through possessions. This time is about recognizing where to save and where to invest.


Venus is transiting your 1st House, which represents the self. You may make drastic changes to your appearance and style. For the next 4 weeks, you will be feeling especially social. You are a very attractive person to others during this time and this is a great time to boost your confidence. You may feel great shifts in your personality come from the opportunities presented during this time. Under this transit, you are looked at as being more cooperative and agreeable with great possibilities of taking leadership. Any shifts made to your routine that affect your physical appearance i.e. exercising, will have promising and quicker results.


Venus is transiting your 12th House which is the privacy sector within your chart, this represents the subconscious as well. Many of you will find yourself being more secretive about your love life, perhaps this is because this is a new relationship and you do not want to spoil it but for many of you it feels like there is a sense that you may be keeping someone hidden. Another way this typically manifests is having secrets come out within an important relationship in your life and remember this is not limited to romantic relationships. Beware yourself of talking behind someone's back as drama can unfold under this transit. People from your past may be popping back up so assess this with caution, some doors were meant to stay closed. For some of you there may be a scandalous affair that comes to light.


Venus is transiting your 11th House which rules over your goals, friendships, and networking opportunities. During this transit you will be feeling especially social and more included within social groups. You will be attracting a network of people who are going to help you obtain your goals in life. You may find yourself being especially charitable and/or getting involved in your community. You will find yourself drawn to a humanitarian pursuit and spread awareness to those you meet during this time. You are likely to meet someone romantically at a social outing or event. For those of you who are already in committed romantic relationships already, you will find yourself working on the friendship aspect of your relationship.


Venus is transiting your 10th House, which rules over your public life, career, authority figures and the paternal parent/caretaker. You will likely have positive interactions with people who can help elevate you within your career. For single folks you may find yourself being more attracted to someone much older than you than you may have gone for before but the financially stability may be a leading factor. You may meet this person through work. For those of you in committed relationships, you may find there is a more serious tone to your romantic approach as your focus shifts towards how you are both viewed because of your social status. There tends to be more pressure on making financial strides during this time which can bleed into our relationships with others if we fall out of awareness. You could possibly even be promoted or be given a raise/switching jobs with better pay during this period.


Venus is transiting your 9th House which rules over education and travel. You will find the wanderlust being drawn out of you during this time and find yourself being more attracted to free-spiritedness. You will want to go on adventures and plan to travel and will likely be looking for someone to join you in the spontaneity. If you have already planned travels and are not traveling with a partner, you can likely meet someone important while traveling out of state. For those of you who are single you may meet someone romantically who is from a different country/ethnic background than you. This is also a good time to enroll in additional schooling/trainings within your interests, positive opportunities will come from it in the future.


Venus is transiting your 8th House which rules over inheritances, taxes, death, transformation and sexual relationships. The 8th house represents diving into the depths of any subject and this includes deepening of relationships. Many of you have met someone during the Venus in Aries transit that you are beginning to become more serious and intimate with. Your sex drive is at an all time high and for those of you who are not in a relationship, you will have pickings, as you are especially attractive right now. You may receive unexpected gifts (especially financial) during this time. You will likely see great changes in your relationships and how you want to move forward with them in the future, this is for the best. A long-term relationship may come to an end (for the better).


Venus is transiting your 7th House of partnerships which can affect all relationships in your life. This transit gives an especially romantic and charming nature to how your relationships are handled and for that reason you will have many blessings in your relationships both romantic and platonic.. You are focused on partnerships in general and are likely to deepen your existing bonds during this time. The downside to this transit could point to a period of codependency due to the perceived need for a partner. For those of you who are single you may meet a potential partner who works in the arts. This is also a good time to start a business with someone you trust.


Venus is transiting your 6th House of work and service which points to perfectionism in your creative projects at this time. Venus has us in the spirit of creation and wanting to make things beautiful, but with the help of the 6th house, you are refining your craftsmanship. Beware of the tendency to be hypercritical of your art as well as of others as neuroticism can be high during this transit. Since the 6th house also rules your work environment, you may meet someone at work. This could be a co-worker for those of you who are single. You will find yourself becoming more structured and focusing on organizing your life so that things feel more pleasant overall. You will also find yourself being more analytical in your approach to love and less over-emotional.


Venus is transiting your 5th House which is the house of romance and children. You may find that you are connecting with someone who brings out your inner-child. This is a great time for dating but you may want to keep things more light-hearted and fun than serious. There may be a bit of drama in your love-life during this time. This can be positive in the sense that there may be more of those dramatic romantic movie-moments or it can be negative in the sense of scandals coming to light in your dating life. Connecting to your inner-child will actually help you to determine if you are focusing your energy on the right person during this time. You will be feeling overall more romantic and like you will want to romanticize your life in everything you do. You will be feeling more creative and leaning into that side of yourself could really benefit in making this transit as pleasant as possible as you beautify your surroundings and your life.


Venus is transiting your 4th House which puts a focus on your home, your relationship with your maternal parental figure(s) and your relatives. You will find yourself wanting to re-decorate your home and express yourself within that. Since we turn to our domestic upbringing, we also begin to focus on our relationship with our mothers/maternal figures in our lives. This is an excellent time to make amends within the family. This is also an excellent time for you to focus on saving money as the fourth house represents security and that includes financial security. Nostalgia runs high during this period, so don't be surprised if you find yourself reminiscing about past friends/lovers. You will also likely find yourself being drawn to past movies/music that bring you comfort. This transit is about focusing on the things that give you a sense of the feeling of home. Lean into it.


Venus is transiting your 3rd House, which rules communication and self-expression. You may find that your interactions with others are quite pleasant and that you’re able to have difficult conversations with ease. You will likely attract relationships with people who intellectually stimulate you. You will likely meet someone important to you while on a short travel, through a sibling or someone who works within communications. This can be a platonic relationship, however, it is a person who is attractive to you mentally and may help you learn new things about yourself. You may find that there is a lot of incoming communication from people who you haven’t spoken to for some time. You are able to express your needs and set boundaries with loved ones because you are able to find the right words to say during this time.

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Comment your Rising Sign below and what you are most looking forward to with this transit!

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