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New Moon in Aquarius on February 9, 2024

On February 9, 2024 at 5:58 PM EST there is a New Moon in the sign of Aquarius. New Moons occur when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun and its shadow is facing Earth, making it invisible to the naked eye (this is also known as a dark moon). The Sun and Moon are conjunct meaning the Moon and Sun are transiting the same sign and are therefore symbolically illuminating the same goals. 

When thinking about the Moon astrologically, I don’t want you to ignore the operation of the planet and the way in which it follows a very distinct rhythm. The lunar cycle is 28 days, the same length of the average menstrual cycle, which is why the planet is naturally Yin (Feminine) in its energetic expression.  During a lunar cycle, the moon begins with the new moon phase until it gradually waxes, or expands for two weeks until it reaches the full moon phase and then will slowly wane or grow smaller until it completes it recycles with the following New Moon. The Lunar cycle expresses themes set forth from the transiting sign with the focal energetic points being the New and Full Moon.  During these lunar phases, the goals/intentions you are setting and what needs to be released/transmuted in order to succeed are of utmost importance during these climatic periods . When used correctly and intentionally, one could work in alignment with the energy at large. The feminine nature of this luminary lends for some sudden surprises and changes in direction.   New Moon's are the beginning of this cycle for a reason; it is from this point that the Moon will only become much more visible and with that, our future vision and goals will as well.  So this is a very important time for us to plant the seeds of our intentions and refocus.

This is a very important time for manifestations because it is filled with hope and possibility. Typically, the energy of a New Moon can be restorative, it allows us a chance to check in with ourselves, with the Moon's presence being less dominating, we are forced to go inward to hear our inner voice a little clearer. There are a few aspects occurring during this new moon however that do lend to a bit of chaos.  The Sun is square Uranus, which is suggesting an unexpected change which may cause some added discomfort. When we think of Uranus, we must acknowledge the chaotic and rebellious nature of this planet, it actively goes against the grain, defies norms and creates sudden and unexpected changes. So stay centered and present as you may be thrown for a loop today.

This New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, Aquarius is an air sign, which comes to a surprise for many people due its name, but its representation is that of the water bearer.  The water bearer is an individual who is able to harness the emotions and struggles of others and is able to detach themselves from the enmeshment while still remaining empathetic. This means this New Moon will allow you a greater chance at looking at things from a new perspective and taking yourself outside of the equation in order to act objectively. Air signs are primarily focused with logic and communication, which lends to Aquarius’ hunger for knowledge and motivations towards communion with others.  Aquarians are very open-minded, highly individualistic and extremely innovative.  They are known for being eccentric and unconventional, this theme will become especially prominent as you are urged towards new approaches towards your goals. The saying: “In order to be somewhere you’ve never been you have to do something you’ve never done” is especially significant with this New Moon.  Reflecting on new ways to approach old situations is especially important and expected during this period.  This new moon is sure to redirect you after allowing you to see things from a different perspective.

🪐What To Expect This New Moon Based on Your Rising Sign:

(Applicable in Whole Sign Calculation)

Aries- The Moon is transiting your 11th House, this house deals with your relationship to friends as well as your hopes and dreams. You will likely be feeling drawn to social gatherings this weekend and may find yourself contemplating your relationships in life, recognizing which ones are superficial. You will find yourself wanting to be around others and having a deep urge for validation during this time. Beware of how sensitive you are during this time to the moods of others.

Taurus-  The Moon is transiting your 10th House affecting your reputation, your career and your relation to authority. You will find yourself reflecting on how you are recognized for the work that you do, are you appreciated in your job, home or community for the efforts you put forth? You will likely find yourself being sensitive over issues surrounding social status i.e. salary. You will find yourself being especially serious and demanding of respect.

Gemini- The Moon is transiting your 9th House which is creating a strong desire to focus on personal development such as learning a new skill or traveling. You will find a spark of inspiration towards acquiring new skills that will help you to broaden your horizons and expand your consciousness. You may plan for or embark on a long distance trip. You will find yourself breaking out of routine and moving in a new direction.

Cancer-  The Moon is transiting your 8th House which is allowing you to move through some grand emotional experiences and be much more available and guided towards having deep and intimate conversations with others. You may find yourself exploring topics surrounding mysteries, mysticism, occultism or deep analysis. This transit is about searching beneath the surface and connecting deeply to your intuition. There will likely be a very deep and transformative truth that will arise during this time.

Leo- The Moon is transiting your 7th House which causes a major sensitivity in the area of intimate relationships, this need not only be with romantic partners, but with close friendships and business as well. You will find yourself being extremely perceptive of the moods of those closest to you. You may also find that a major reconciliation is on the horizon. 

Virgo- The Moon is transiting your 6th House, this house is often associated with health, routine and work. You may find yourself becoming exhausted with issues surrounding work, causing more emotional stress than usual and weighing more heavily on your mind. Issues surrounding routine and the need to change it up is becoming especially evident during this time. Find ways to reorganize and restructure your home and workspace so that it feels more freeing.  You will be very aware of the effects of stress on your body during this time, this new moon is about self-care for you.

Libra- The Moon is transiting your 5th House lending an air of confidence and a desire to express yourself authentically and publicly.  You will find yourself being more attractive, confident and expressive during this time especially regarding your emotions.  You will find yourself being very creative and wanting to show off your talents.  You will want to spend your time with children, friends or loved ones during this time.  You will be especially playful and take things less seriously at this time.

Scorpio- The Moon is transiting your 4th House lending to a desire to turn inward and focus on your home and family.  You may find yourself being much more empathetic and able to connect with your mother or other feminine figures in your life at this time.  You will likely not want to be very social but rather relax and take the time to make your home space more comfortable and beautiful.  You will likely be exploring issues of emotional safety and personal comfort.

Sagittarius- The Moon is transiting your 3rd House which rules communication and short travels. You may find that your interactions with others are quite pleasant and that you’re able to have difficult emotional conversations with ease. You will find yourself being especially witty and sharp, finding a lot of energy to explore new hobbies or topics of interest. You will likely be feeling very social making new acquaintances and attending social outings this weekend. You will also be able to express your needs and set boundaries with loved ones with more grace than usual.

Capricorn- The Moon is transiting your 2nd House bringing the focus of your worries and feelings of security in conjunction with your finances. This is a good time to evaluate your spending and reassess your values and possibly negative beliefs towards money. You may be feeling more fiscally conservative during this time being more aware of ways to save or cut costs than usual.

Aquarius- The Moon is transiting your 1st House so you will likely be feeling intense emotions surrounding your perception and self-worth. This may make you extra sensitive to criticism from others and you may experience bouts of insecurity. Don't worry, this will pass, ultimately you are being asked to check in with yourself and see where you can begin to notice where you may have begun to conform and why that is lending to feelings of dissatisfaction.

Pisces- The Moon is transiting your 12th House and you may find that you are emotionally withdrawn at this time and would prefer deep introspection and seclusion. Ideally this is a better time for you to rest, recharge and connect to your inner wisdom. Pay attention to your dreams as they will likely be very symbolic during this time. 

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