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3 Things You Need To Know About Pluto Retrograde 2023

Pluto, the planet of death, destruction, and rebirth, stationed retrograde on May 1, 2023 at 7:32 AM EST where it will remain until October 10, 2023 at 9:09 PM EST. Pluto is a planet that's effects can be seen best studied generationally as the planet takes a total of 248 years to orbit the sun, leaving it transiting one sign every 12-20 years. As of March 23, 2023, Pluto left its 15 year journey through Capricorn and into Aquarius for the first time since 1798. Over the next few months, Pluto will be traveling back into Capricorn come June and will not be returning to Aquarius until January 2024.

Pluto as a planet brings about change, it digs deep within the subconscious and pulls out the things we may have buried below in order to help us transform. The shifts that are made through Pluto are important and long-lasting, but they also take some time. This can best be observed when watching the great changes in perspective seen from generation to generation as each transit focuses on a grand shift of the themes surrounding the sign it resides, or when viewing a natal chart, noticing which house it will be transiting throughout its journey. The planet Pluto helps to create a change in perspective and thus forces one to emerge differently on the other end as it shifts signs. The previous transit of Pluto through Capricorn, created great changes in authority, power, and control. The ways in which work is seen in society and what a successful type of employment means, we saw a rise in entrepreneurship, manifestations of control in the workplace and in government and a greater social responsibility of personal power. With the current Pluto being in Aquarius we are sure to see a rise in technological advancements, inventions, and significant changes in humanity. Social reform is sure to be most recognized throughout the next decade or so.

This will be the last time that Pluto will revisit Capricorn for quite some time because after January 2024, Pluto will remain in Aquarius for the next 19 years. So for those of you who are quite versed in the orbiting of the planets, I apologize for boring you with this refresher, but I want to make sure those of you who are newer to astrology understand what a retrograde is and why it is important. So retrograde motion is the apparent notion that a planet is regressing backwards in space. In reality, the planet is not exactly moving backwards, but rather its progression has slowed down so much that everything surrounding it is passing it by at its original speed, causing the planet to lag behind and move back through degrees it has already previously surpassed. Every planet at some point or another, besides our luminaries, will regress in space and time at some point along its journey. With the most frequent and most known retrograde being Mercury, due to its frequency throughout the year.

Pluto goes retrograde, every year, for about half a year's time, causing the already slow movement of Pluto to go even slower. When retrograde occurs, it is a time for us to look inward, specifically in regards to the lessons and events that are ruled by the governing planet. So when the planet Pluto goes retrograde motion, it becomes a time where we can really take a deeper look at what cycles are outdated in our life, how they affect us negatively and the ways in which we can begin to make small and impactful changes in order to create long and lasting impacts. On a societal level, it's important to understand the themes represented by the sign the planet is transiting, to understand the ways in which society is aiming to transform. On a personal level, we are to understand which house Pluto is transiting through our natal chart to see the ways in which it manifests and understand how the themes acted out by the sign it is in will show up in a specific area in your life, for example: Pluto in Aquarius really highlights gaining independence in some way, if it was transiting your second house, it would be pushing you to build healthy framework in budgeting and saving so that you can achieve financial stability and independence as a way to help you evolve.

But what happens when Pluto goes retrograde back into the sign of Capricorn that it just left? What does that mean for us and how can we navigate the outer shifts caused by this backpedaling? Well I see this as a kind of check in, a way to reassess the movement we have made, to recognize as a society what we left behind and how changes have been made to the structures we live under, i.e. government, laws, changes in the workplace. Its resurfacing within Capricorn is to ensure that we have truly learned those lessons and are ready to embark on a new journey of self-discovery.

Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know About This Pluto in Retrograde 2023:

1. You Have To Be Honest With Yourself

Pluto is represented by the God of the Underworld Hades, meaning there is an emphasis on death and things hidden below the surface. You will be tested during this time as situations will arise to help you recognize your dark side and the things you still need to work on. In order to have a less difficult time through this transit, you have to find acceptance for yourself and understand the reasons behind your actions or thought patterns in order to shift them. There is a focus on the things we desire strongly and the power we can gain from it, when we look at Pluto, by understanding the reasons we have for wanting what we want in life, we may find that there are feats we are taking on that only resonate with our need for recognition and not because it brings us joy.

2. Purging is Inevitable

Pluto will cause situations and people to arise in your personal life that rub you the wrong way. The fact of the matter is, we often come across situations in life that we dislike that are actually presenting to us something that we ourselves do. But when Pluto is retrograde, it is amplified and this is happening for our benefit as we can use these experiences to take a deeper dive into ourselves and remove habits and traits that we find hinder our growth. We also will find ourselves removing ourselves from jobs, friends, living spaces, etc. that do not resonate with where we want to be going in our lives. Letting go becomes a major theme.

3. You Will Need to Focus on Commitment

Since Pluto brings about transformation, there becomes an emphasis on discipline, focus, commitment and personal power. This becomes a time for you to not only look at what you want and why, but how you are going to do it and how your current patterns may be holding you back from achieving what you want. Pluto creates situations to occur that will help you to level up in your life that will without a doubt reveal to you the ways in which you need to harness control for yourself. Pluto retrogrades often bring up reflections surrounding control, so ask yourself: what in your life has control over you? Then develop a plan and begin to make small daily changes that allow you to gain control over the things that hinder you. Commit to yourself in order to gain the most out of this transformative time.

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