General Reading


This is a personal reading which uses the Celtic cross spread to do a general check-in physically, mentally and spiritually about your past, present and future outcome given the path you are currently on.  This will allow us to dive into the areas which you need work and allow you to reflect on your current state.

Love Reading


This is a reading for singles or those who want insight within the dynamics of their relationship or one they are currently seeking.  This will allow us to do a general overview of your feelings and those of the person in question.  This will also bring up areas which need work. 

Yearly Forecast


This is a reading for a general overview of the themes and issues that will come up each month for a 12-month period. 

Personal+Love Reading


This reading includes both personal overview as well as a love specific reading to address insight into your past, present and future regarding your financial, spiritual, love life and general health.  This is a major spread which includes all aspects and allows more room for questions from the reader.

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