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Each session includes a personality assessment based on birth date, time and place along with a highlight of timings, cycles, and themes within your birth chart. All readings will be held through Zoom or Skype and all sessions are recorded. For local clients, I do offer in person readings as well.  You will be provided with a copy of the recording as well as a written-out document at the conclusion of your session.  This reading will identify your mental, physical and spiritual self as well as your past as a means to work through challenging patterns and identify your strengths.  The year ahead forecast will identify the transits for the upcoming year for your chart and  identify specific dates and times which are most optimal for growth and when you will find challenges.  The timelines will help you navigate this year with confidence and optimism.

120 min/ $150

Natal Chart Reading+YEar Ahead Forecast


Astrology Readings

Relationship Reading- Composite Chart

60 MIN  /   $90

Composite charts are created by merging the birth charts of both partners by using mathematical midpoints between each person's planets and points.  This then creates a composite chart which allows for a reading of the relationship itself.  Rather than a synastry chart, composite charts allow us to identify basic relationship dynamics to help identify the relationships strengths and weaknesses.  Rather than identifying compatibility as is done in synastry charts, this reading is to identify the patterns and destiny of this relationship and how it is seen by others. 


Yearly Transit Reading

1 hour  /   $60

This reading uses the transits of the planets as they move through your chart to help identify both challenging and optimal points of growth throughout your year.  This allows us to dive into the year ahead and harness the energies to allow you to align to your highest self throughout the next 12-months.  This reading is to help identify how this year is going to be for you in terms of personal life and professional life.  Diving into topics as specific as your health, finances and overall growth. 

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