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This is a Love Reading.


This reading is conducted differently depending on if you are asking about a specific person or are asking about your future love with no individial in mind. 


Single Reading

1) What is the blockage to meeting your soulmate?

2) How to overcome said blockage

3) What can you do to attract them into your life?

4) How will you know it is them?

5) Where will you find them?

6) When will you find them?

7) What is your first impression of them

8) What is the common bond between the two of you

9) Advice


Relationship Reading

1) Your Feelings

2) Your Partner's Feelings

3) Positives to the Relationship

4) Negatives to the Relationship


6) Environmental Factors

7) Unknown Factors

8) Advised Action

9) The Future or Outcome of the Relationship


As soon as the reading is purchased, I will E-mail you to schedule the date and time of our appointment.  I will try to schedule you ASAP. 

DM me @tarastrology on Instagram or E-Mail me for more info.

Legal Disclaimer: The information, content and materials of this page are to be used for entertainment purposes only. Tarot is not claiming to be Absolute and therefore any advice given through Tarot is to be taken in consideration with common sense and proper judgement.  I am not claiming to be able to give legal, medical or professional advice so I will advise those who need that aid to seek it out.  Tarastrology is not forcing any course of action on you and is not attempting to take over anyones free will.  I assume no legal responsibility for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions based on my Tarot readings.  By purchasing this reading you are accepting that you are over the age of 18.

Love Reading (Tarot)

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