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Venus Enters Capricorn/ Mercury Enters Scorpio (Nov. 5, 2021)

Self- Discipline & Speaking One’s Truth

November is a very important month as we begin to get more serious about our ambitions and recognize the importance of discipline, consistency and focus that is needed to create an empire. On November 5, 2021 Venus moves into Capricorn and Mercury moves into Scorpio. These transits help us to recognize our area of focus that we are working on this Winter. We are shifting into a deeply transformational time, we are beginning to dive deeper into studying and building our skills. We are becoming more serious about our relationships and who we are trusting with information about our lives.

Venus Enters Capricorn

Venus, the planet which rules over the sector of love, beauty, art and finance entered the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn at 6:44 AM. Cardinal signs represent the initiators of the zodiac, they are the self-starters and the spark of inspiration that is needed to get the ball rolling in lieu of one’s goals. Cardinal signs start at the beginning of each season. Capricorns however, move a little slower than the masculine signs (Aries, Libra) do because they are more cautious, more reserved and are looking for longevity. Capricorns are disciplined and persistent creatures that recognize the need for consistency to create long term results. This is a beneficial time for both our finances and our love-lives!

When Venus enters serious Capricorn, everyone becomes much more focused on the direction of their current relationships or what they are looking for in new relationships. This is not limited to romantic partnerships but expands to partnerships of all kinds (especially business).. What is it that we need? What are our non-negotiables? If unclear about those things at this current time, it is time to explore this part of ourselves. It is time to sit down and get clear about what it is that you need from relationships that you are unwilling to compromise on. This is personal to your situation, lifestyle and upbringing, remember there is no one answer to what these can be, so it is your homework to sit with that question. Make sure that your non-negotiables are aligned to your values and goals in relationships at this point in your life. This is how we can remain current to our ever-evolving selves. This is a very beneficial transit for relationships because it helps to build a solid foundation for the next few months. Through commitment, consistency and communication we can begin to build solid long-term relationships.

Since Venus also rules over our financial security, this is a beneficial time to start new business ventures and get serious about investments whether that be investing in schooling that will lead to more opportunities later or other financial investments, we will begin to get serious about where our long term financial goals lie ahead. This energy may be intense for some people depending on the level of work they are used to putting into themselves. We are beginning to focus more so on where we are headed in regards to our career paths and are becoming aware of our own inner authority and responsibility to make things happen and creating our own source of validation. Self-starting on our own projects and working up a ladder that we put up without being told what to do. Many of us will begin focusing on what it is we need from our work environments, and as seriously as we contemplated our non-negotiables for our relationships, we will begin to do the same thing in this regard. This transit in combination with tonight’s transition of Mercury into deeply intimate Scorpio will allow us to dive deep into our emotional needs and to create work/life balance.

Mercury in Scorpio

Tonight at 6:35 PM EDT, Mercury, the planet of communication, short-travel, thinking patterns and rationale, moves into the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio. Mercury will be staying in the sign of Scorpio until November 24. Scorpio is a deeply emotional, deeply sensitive and intensely psychological sign. When Mercury experiences the depth of Scorpio, we tend to shift our conversations from mundane small talk concerning weather patterns to topics of consciousness, intimacy and truth. There are a few elements of Scorpio that represent the more negative features of fixed signs that have a warning of becoming activated during this time. That being feelings of possessiveness and jealousy, sometimes since this transit affects our thought patterns can dig up those feelings of inadequacy in terms of communication.

We may recognize more readily our limitations in communication and feel a need to become more secretive about some things if we feel that we are being judged or misread. There is an element of skepticism that comes about when meeting new people or getting more intimate with new friends or lovers because of the hyper awareness of emotional and past pains/traumas associated. On the other hand, there is a desire to dig deeper into the psychological mechanics of another's brain and therefore there is a push for everyone to move towards a place of transparency and honesty, it just may trigger some people who are not confident with speaking their truths.

Since Scorpio energy is always representing transformation, we are beginning to transform the way we communicate to others as well as ourselves. Where can we begin to observe our limitations when it comes to communicating our needs, as well as our truths? How can we begin to make adjustments in those areas?

During this transit you will begin to realize the limitations based on emotional communications and where you are holding on to past hurts and projecting them on your current relationships. This may become frustrating and will invoke a lot of strong emotion on one hand but on the other hand we will begin to release some of these limiting elements so that we are able to rise into a new version of ourselves. We also tend to tighten our social circle during this time recognizing the importance in keeping things sacred, especially friendships.

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