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Mars transiting Pisces: Actively Restoring Our Individuality through Personal/Spiritual Expansion

Mars entered Pisces on April 14, 2022, and it will remain there until May 24, 2022. There is a very different direction of energy that comes from Mars in Pisces versus the Aquarius transit that we are exiting. With Mars in Aquarius, we focused on the ways in which we may have lost our individuality and sense of self. We also directed our goals towards eliminating toxic past patterns that were getting in the way of us becoming a better version of ourselves. Aquarius is the innovator and during Mars’ transit, we were driven to innovate and integrate those things into our routine. Aquarius is a masculine sign, meaning that the energy is proactive rather than reactive as the feminine sign of Pisces.

Though that was a very driven period for us, we are moving into a less individualistic and more passive approach with Mars in Pisces. Mars is the planet of ambition, drive, aggression, power, and sexual energy. Pisces is a feminine water sign, creating emotional waves in the current of our directed energy. This transit leads to a push towards goals that seem much more sacrificial or spiritual than professional. Mars is always going to direct ambition and drive so it is not that the planet begins to lose its will but it’s that the energy of the sign in which it is transiting will affect the things in which we are driven towards.

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac. The wheel of the zodiac tells a story of the soul’s evolution and Pisces is the final sign which in many ways means dissolution in some way. Pisces rules over dreams and the subconscious, so in many ways this transit is driving us towards the things that we dream of. Since so many things about the sign of Pisces lie within the subconscious, it may appear that your drive towards your goals also lies on a more subconscious level. Focusing on the emotional tensions that cause strife in our life and working out those kinks before shifting towards our passionate goals in the upcoming Mars in Aries transit proceeding this one. Pisces is a sign of devotion and when Mars transits this sign, we begin to really notice what it is we are willing to sacrifice to fully devote ourselves to our goals in mind. Pisces is also a sign that is very concerned with the arts, it uses the arts as a means of healing, bridging these emotions to creative acts is very important to focus on this transit. Pisces awakens the artist naturally in everyone, using the arts to communicate that works better than words during this period. Do the things during this period that make you feel fulfilled creatively, paint, draw, sing, or dance, doing the things that awaken your inner artist Pisces is a receptive sign, it does not like to shake things up, outburst or be the aggressor. However, when Pisces feels like they are unable to express their emotions or have them be understood, then this can lead to tantrum-like outbursts.

During this period of Mars in Pisces, Pisces being the sign of self-sacrificing, makes us put others before ourselves. If what we want is at odds with what someone else wants, we are much more likely to sacrifice our wants and goals for another. This can be beneficial in also recognizing whether our goals were coming from a place of ego. Pisces need to sacrifice for others makes us recognize those who are most important to us, and we are more likely to put our desires aside if it went against the odds of what someone we care for wants. This is also very important when it comes to Pisces’ connection with the higher realm leads us to push ourselves towards our highest calling. We find ourselves setting up the building blocks for the following transit as that will be much more direct than wishy-washy Pisces. Pisces is not a very straightforward sign, like that of water molecules, it is constantly moving even when you cannot see it.

Pisces also tends to be the sign that looks at everything with rose-tinted glasses, as we are much more compassionate than usual. We are much more romantic than usual, and our relationships tend to take the front seat this go-around. Though this can be beautiful as everything is romanticized, we have the possibility of dismissing red flags due to our desire to be loved.

Journal prompts for consideration this season:

How can you begin to make your reality look like your favorite daydream?

When was the last time you self-sabotaged?

Where are you too passive in your life?

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