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Mars in Libra (September 14, 2021- October 30, 2021)

It’s time to assess our stagnant nature in areas where change is necessary. Mars in Libra allows us to find balance and harmony in all facets of our lives and relationships to cosmically propel us into the next few chapters of our lives.

We are moving away from a very active period as we had just undergone that Mars in Virgo transit over the last few weeks. That transit influenced us to become much more career focused. We found our area of focus in our lives in what needed to be put in order, so that we could achieve our goals but it also became a period in which we were very hard on ourselves. The drive to do anything perfectly will cause an increase in stress. So for many of my overachievers, you probably felt very drained by this nagging urge to work until your fingers bled. But did you actually let yourself feel the accomplishments along the way or did you brush off every step as if there was still more you could have done? This is very different from where we are going next. We are beginning to focus on our relationships and building partnerships that could enable our personal and professional growth.

“...this transit is about being conciliatory and finding the power to use the communicative ability of Libra and talk about the things that have created problems with a larger amount of love than other periods in the zodiac.”

Mars in Libra

Mars is the planet of ambition, drive, aggression, sexual energy and power. What sign Mars falls in in your chart will tell an awful lot about the things you seek and to what lengths you will go to to make them happen. Mars takes about two years to go through the entire zodiac and spends anywhere from two-six months in a particular sign. Mars will enter and stay in Libra from September 14, 2021 to October 30, 2021. When Mars transits a particular sign, it has an overall impact on the inhabitants of this planet.

Libra is a cardinal air sign, giving this particular transit a focus on the relationships in our lives as Libra is particularly focused on partnerships. Cardinal energy is self-starting, which is beneficial for starting new projects but due to its air modality, we are in need of others to help ground our ideas into fruition before we get carried away by the possibilities. Libra’s are peacemakers and when Mars transits Libra we are not fond of conflict, we will go to great lengths to avoid serious arguments, making us more inclined to making our opposing person comfortable by siding with them. However, this trait sometimes creates passive aggression due to the perceived inability to engage in conflict and disrupt the peace. Libra's are very charming but can come off as manipulative due to their persuasive nature

Rather than resorting to aggression and force as a Mars in Scorpio transit may lead people, this transit is about being conciliatory and finding the power to use the communicative ability of Libra and talk about the things that have created problems with a larger amount of love than other periods in the zodiac. This transit drives others to communicate with others in a more harmonious way.

Mars in Libra transit creates a feeling of becoming easily bored by others if not intellectually stimulated so you may find yourself being more social than usual to create versatility in your connections. Libra’s are artists in everything they do and they love to make everything around them beautiful. Creation is encouraged and expected as this is the perfect time to show off your distinct style that differentiates you from others. This is also the perfect time to put your attention into making all of your relationships look and feel beautiful. Working on this can create harmonious environments and leave you radiating throughout this transit.

Make decisions with your heart and know that if you are being creative and using this time to make amends without falling into someone else's expectations, you will be making the right decisions. You may feel rushed to work through certain goals during this time due to Mars’ hasty nature but allow yourself to take time to make the decisions you need by weighing out the pros and cons.

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