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Venus in Scorpio (September 10, 2021- October 7, 2021)

Are you ready to face the intensity that's going to help you change?

Venus Enters Scorpio

Venus the planet of love has just left it’s home sign and is now delving much deeper with this Scorpion Energy. Scorpio is fixed water: It is possessive, obsessive, sexual, deep, intimate, transformative and addicting. We are leaving a period of tranquility, and many have entered in new relationships or have dived deeper into partnerships in their life during Libra Venus. Love was also in the air and everyone was focused on changing up their looks. From September 10, (when Venus entered Scorpio) until October 7, 2021, things are looking a lot more intense than the lighthearted Libra Venus. Venus in Scorpio is in its detriment, which means we must come face to face with the uncomfortable in our relationships with others.

The bonds we have formed during the previous transit are beginning to deepen and become much more intimate. But this also creates addictions to people, love and sex. Oftentimes during this transit, people come face-to-face with their jealousy and possessive tendencies. Emotions are at an all time high, but not everyone feels as inclined to talk about them. There is an intuitive way in which people are moving, everyone finds themselves gravitating towards people whom they have a high level of attraction to but is mirroring them in some way. This can be a blessing to some, but for others they may find themselves coming head on to their anger, grudges and spiteful behavior.

Don’t fear this transit. Regardless of the outcome and level of your consciousness entering into these experiences, Venus in Scorpio is here to serve as a reminder to hold yourself accountable for your reactions associated to enable personal growth. Are you ready to face the intensity that’s going to help you change?

What To Expect Based on Your Rising Sign:

(Applicable in Whole Sign Calculation)

Aries- Venus is transiting your 8th House, ruling over our finances as well as relationships. This transit is likely to bring you blessings to your affairs. The 8th house represents diving into the depths of any subject and this includes deepening of relationships. Many of you have met someone during the Venus in Libra transit that you are beginning to become more serious and intimate. Your sex drive is at an all time high and for those of you who are not in a relationship, you will have pickings, as you are especially attractive at this time.

Taurus- Venus is transiting your 7th House which gives an especially romantic and charming nature to this transit. You are focused on partnerships in general and are likely to deepen your existing bonds during this time. The downside to this transit could point to times of codependency due to the perceived need for a partner. For those of you who are single you may meet a potential partner who works in the arts. This is also a good time to start business partnerships.

Gemini- Venus is transiting your 6th House which points to perfectionism in your creative projects at this time. Venus has us in the spirit of creation and wanting to make things beautiful, but with the help of the 6th house, you are refining your craftsmanship. Beware of the tendency to be hypercritical of your art as neuroticism surrounding your art can be high during this transit. Since the 6th house also rules your work environment, you may meet someone at work. This could be a co-worker for those of you who are single. You are looking at others in a logical way rather than with rose-tinted glasses.

Cancer- Venus is transiting your 5th House and you may find that you are connecting with someone who brings out your inner-child. This is a great time for dating and you may want to keep things light-hearted and fun. There may be a bit of drama in your love-life during this time. Whether that be positive in the sense of creating your own movie-moments or negative in the sense of scandals coming to light. Connecting to your inner-child will actually help you to determine if you are focusing your energy on the right person at the moment.

Leo- Venus is transiting your 4th House which puts a focus on the home. You will find yourself redecorating your home and expressing yourself within that. Since we turn to our domestic upbringing, we also begin to focus on our relationship with our mothers/maternal figures in our lives. This is an excellent time to make amends within the family. This is also an excellent time for you to focus on saving money as the fourth house represents security and that includes financial security.

Virgo- Venus is transiting your 3rd House, which rules communication and self-expression. You may find that your interactions with others are quite pleasant and that you’re able to have difficult conversations with ease. You may find that there is a lot of incoming communication from people who you haven’t spoken to for some time. You are able to express your needs and set boundaries with loved ones because you are able to find the right words to say during this time.

Libra- Venus is transiting your 2nd House which mostly affects your finances and your possessions. You will have blessings in the sector of money, you may receive overtime or unexpected gifts or bonuses. A downside of this transit is if you are feeling scarcity in money, we alternatively can overspend in order to gain security through possessions. This time is about recognizing where we can save and where we can invest.

Scorpio- Venus is transiting your 1st House, which represents the self and affecting major changes in your appearance and style. For the next 4 weeks, you will be feeling especially social. You are very attractive to others during this time and this is a great boost of confidence for you.

Sagittarius- Venus is transiting your 12th House which is the private sector of your chart, this represents the subconscious as well. Many of you will be secretive about your love life, perhaps this is because this is a new relationship and you do not want to spoil it but for many of you it feels like there is a sense that someone is being kept private. This may even be someone you are speaking to romantically. People from your past may be reappearing. For some of you there may be a scandalous affair.

Capricorn- Venus transits your 11th House and you are feeling especially social and are creating a network of people who are going to help you in your life. You may find that you are feeling especially charitable and want to get involved in your community and create bonds with those who are your neighbors. You will find yourself drawn to a humanitarian pursuit and spread awareness to those you meet during this time. You are likely to meet someone romantically at a social outing or event. For those of you who are in relationships already, you will find yourself working on the friendship aspect of your relationship.

Aquarius- Venus is transiting the 10th House so for many of you, you may receive a job offer that gives a financial boost and greater social status. The 10th house rules over our career and public image so you will find yourself having pleasant interactions with people who help to elevate you in your position. You may also find yourself attracted to someone who is much older than you during this time.

Pisces- Venus is transiting your 9th House and you may find that you are attracted to free spiritedness. You want to go on adventures and travel and are looking for someone who wants to be spontaneous and just pick up and go. If you are not travelling with a partner, you are likely to meet someone while travelling outside of your state. For those of you who are single you may date someone who is from a different country. This is also a good time to enroll in school.

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