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I help people to better understand themselves so that they can improve their lives by making choices that align with their soul’s blueprint.



Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Astrology

My name is Tara, I have been studying astrology, tarot and witchcraft for years.  My aim is to use astrology and spiritual health practices to coach you to find your life purpose and stay faithful to your dreams.  Astrology has always been a useful guide for me to recognize the energies that the collective are experiencing as a means to locate the best times to start new ventures or do internal work.  I am dedicated to helping those who wish to put in the work to better listen to the calling of their soul, heal their shadow side and move towards their highest potential.


"So I never thought astrology affected my life until I sat down and did a reading with Tara O’Connor. I was always skeptical with astrology because growing up people would say “today I’m going to meet someone special,” and I would roll my eyes, but there’s SOOO much more to it. Astrology is being aware of what’s going on in the world because the way the planets are aligned, they make us feel a certain way.

Since I became open to astrology trough being so spiritual in my life, I decided to get a reading. I was so shocked when Tara started talking because everything she said matched up with my life.

For example, my whole life before meeting with Tara, I always felt like I would become a social figure who would help and teach people. I never thought school was for me because I became so bored from never growing and knew I had it in me to be a leader within owning a business.

I wish I wrote this before I met with her because she was SPOT on with everything!

Tara will also call out your past and tell you stuff from your childhood, like trauma and being lonely.

This is when I knew it was real because there’s no way someone who I just met knew EVERYTHING about my life. The way the stars, planets and your birthday align will truly effect your whole life.

But life isn’t set in stone, so if you go to her and she says your business will be doing amazing in 3 months from now, you still need to put in the work. Tara will teach you parts of your life that you need to become aware of. For example, I get bored easily so she said if I have a partner in the future, I need to make sure they are ALWAYS improving in their life. If not, I will possibly cheat on them because im not intellectually stimulated from their presence.

If you want to truly understand who you are as a person, and not who society wants you to be I would 100% recommend getting a reading from Tara O’Connor. You will be conscious about your actions and what your life should really be like, leading you to feeling fulfilled everyday.


Nick A.




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